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Ishan Shivanand

Founder, Yoga of Immortals

Healthcare Consultant and Educator


Neuropsych Center has been fortunate to have Mr. Ishan Shivanand as Meditation and Yoga Educator for ourselves and our healthcare colleagues in Cincinnati.  Mr Shivanand has been intensely learning and practicing meditation his entire life, as he grew up in an Indian monastery.  He is now dedicated to teaching these practices to the world, in part through educating health professionals, who can then share with their patients and clients. 


Mr. Shivanand has developed app-based yoga and meditation modules that could be learned remotely. In published studies, these modules demonstrated reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms, and improvement in sleep quality, during the height of the pandemic (Dr. Gupta, with NeuroPsych Center, contributed to those study efforts).  He has also run workshops and developed training programs for the employees of many large healthcare organizations.   

With NeuroPsych Center, Mr. Shivanand has been offering virtual teaching sessions during evening and weekend hours, so as not to interfere with patient care.  If you are a health professional in the Cincinnati area and are interested in participating, please call our office and ask for Dr. Gupta.

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