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Purposeful Planning Program //

Are you feeling overwhelmed with current caregiving responsibilities?
Do you feel "in the dark" about your loved one's disease progression & what to expect moving forward?
Do you need help learning what resources are available & a good fit for your loved one as well as your wallet?
Are you feeling a mixture of emotions (grief, guilt, fear, etc.) & not sure how to process it all?

The Purposeful Planning Program is a free consultative service supported by the Giving Voice Foundation, The Christ Hospital Foundation, & The Alois Alzheimer Foundation.  It is intended for individuals and families navigating all aspects of the caregiving journey.


Purposeful Planning Program consultations are facilitated by clinical social worker, Kristin Cooley, with the NeuroPsych Center of Greater Cincinnati.  Kristin’s area of expertise is with Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias; however your loved one does not have to suffer from a dementing illness to benefit.

The consultation will allow the opportunity for education (related to disease progression and communication recommendations) as well as emotional support.  Care 

planning guidance and referrals to community resources will be offered amidst the session as well.  This service is available at all stages of the disease process, from a new diagnosis to the later stages.  The goal of this service is to empower caregivers to become more knowledgeable about their loved one’s ailment while building and strengthening their network of support.  This will in turn improve their loved one’s care and lessen the caregiver’s stress. 

If you are interested in scheduling a free Purposeful Planning Program consultation, you can call the NeuroPsych Center of Greater Cincinnati at 513-563-0488 or email Kristin Cooley directly at

The Purposeful Planning Program is funded by the Giving Voice Foundation, The Christ Hospital Foundation, and The Alois Alzheimer Foundation.  All consultations are provided without regard to financial status, race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, or ancestry.

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