Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct neuropsychological testing to help determine the presence of significant cognitive impairment, primarily in the elderly. Our testing is not designed to help detect ADHD. We can, nonetheless, help identify ADHD in adolescents and adults through careful psychiatric evaluation.

Please call our office, and we will guide you through our intake process. Follow-up appointments are typically made prior to leaving our office, or by phone during regular office hours.

Determining a treatment plan always starts with a thorough evaluation and the development of a working diagnosis. There could very well be several treatment pathways for your situation. We want you to be well informed about the options so that you feel comfortable with the chosen plan. Treatment may change as we better understand your issues and see how treatment progresses. Treatment may include psychotherapy, psychiatric medications, TMS, EMDR, or some combination of these options.

Yes. We find that in-person visits work best at the start of treatment. However, each clinician makes their own determination about both initial and subsequent visits. Many factors are considered, including convenience, transportation barriers, patient mobility issues, distance from our offices, etc. Health insurance has largely covered telehealth visits since the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is no guarantee going forward. Neuropsychological testing is not possible via telehealth.

We are providers on most insurance panels. Because there are so many different insurance companies with different panels, the most accurate way to find out if we are in your plan is to call the number on your insurance card.

We currently accept patients who have Medicaid HMO insurance coverage such as Molina, CareSource, United Healthcare Community Plan, or Aetna Better Health. Before giving us a call or scheduling an appointment, it is best for you to check with your plan to make sure that we are in their network.

We do not. Please call to schedule all appointments.