Babu Gupta headshot

Babu Gupta, M.D

Adult and Geriatric Psychiatrist
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Timothy Sigward, Ph.D.

Clinical Neuropsychologist

We founded The NeuroPsych Center of Greater Cincinnati in 2016, merging our individual practices due to a shared vision. We both had reached our ceiling for what we could provide as solo clinicians, working long hours but not being able to meet the community needs. We wanted to come together and help fill the void.

The field of geriatric mental health has fallen through the cracks of our local healthcare system, with a startling lack of professionals and programs providing these services. This is particularly true in the area of dementia care, a highly complicated and challenging field. Families are often left struggling to find answers, as they seek to understand what is happening to their loved ones. Dementia affects all aspects of functioning, making it difficult to know where to turn. Family caregivers also suffer greatly, as the nonstop burden wears on their own physical and mental health.

Tapping into the passion and talents of our team, we have created innovative programs designed to support patients and families throughout their difficult journey of dementia. This includes evidence based preventative interventions for early cognitive impairment, expert assessment and diagnosis, treatment of emotional and behavioral consequences of dementia, family education, and chronic care management programs that help improve functioning and delay nursing home placement. We also wanted to address the lack of high-quality mental health care options in our community. Many clinicians are inadequately trained. Patients have trouble finding timely access. Coordination of care is often missing between providers. As a result, expectations are low, and we want to change the status quo.

At the NeuroPsych Center of Greater Cincinnati, we are building a team of the best mental health practitioners capable of caring for virtually all ages, from mid-adolescence on up. Our goal is to serve the entire Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area, offering both in-person and virtual options and expanding our geographic footprint by adding offices -thus improving access regardless of location. We are proud of our growing number of evidence-based treatment options, including:

Having multiple modalities under one roof allows for a more coordinated treatment process, more treatment choices, and better outcomes. And we can serve as a resource for other health professionals, who are looking for convenient, high-quality care that they can trust.